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Published on Saturday 6 August 2005, Modified on Wednesday 2 September 2015

Volontariat was registered at Pondicherry as an association in 1966 under the Indian constitution as a non-profit, non-political, secular organization. It consists of a council of administrators, with a President, a Treasurer, a General Secretary and several members of the executive committee – all prominent figures from Pondicherry and Chennai. The Executive Council meets three or four times every year and the General Assembly meeting, once a year.

The first President was Pandit Bhat, passed away in July 2009. He was Honorary President of Volontariat for ever. The current President, Dr. S. Anandalakshmy is an eminent specialist in Child Development and Education. The Association recruits staff, whenever it is necessary. All the staff and employees are Indian. Since the beginning, a large number of people have participated in the social and developmental activities of Volontariat. It is too long a list to be presented here.

For many years, the responsibility of directing the organization was shared informally by the President and the General Secretary. However, with the expansion and the diversification of activities, specific teams with a person in-charge were formed. It became necessary to introduce a proper administrative structure, with Director of programs, In-charge of administration, Chief accountant, Accountants and Cashier, and person In-charge of each section, according to the level of responsibilities .

From April 2007, Volontariat is run by a group management: all the major decisions are taken by the eight members of the “Action Committee Volontariat” or A.C.V. which meets regularly. The President of Volontariat is an ex officio Member. The members of the A.C.V. are:
- Mr Paul Antony, Senior Social worker and In/charge of Nila Illam.
- Mrs Banumathi, Social worker.
- Mr Ganesh, Director of old age Homes, In/charge of the vehicles and Cashier.
- Mr Sendil, Director, In-charge of Parrainage programme.
- Mrs Shanti, Teacher, In-charge of crèches, KG and Navin Showroom.
- Mr Veeramani, chief Accountant and In/charge of the farm.
- Mme de Blic, Founder and General Secretary of Volontariat Association.
- Mr de Blic, member of Volontariat Executive Association.

The total number of regular employees on the payroll, including those at Atelier Shanti, Crafts and Apprenticeship centres and at the farm, is close to 200 people. They are provided social security, which can be of great help on their retirement.